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 Raiding Plans

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PostSubject: Raiding Plans   Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:09 pm

I'm glad to see we've had a good turnout for raiders recently. Here are a few guidelines for our raiding system:

(1). Naxx night #1: This is an opportunity for the lesser geared members to get into Naxx and get a shot @ some gear upgrades. This also lets them see how GWSC raids, how we determine loot, and just lets everyone get to know one another. (Usually starting with Arachnid Quarter)

(2). Naxx nights #2 & #3: These encounters typically become more difficult - therefore we can't take quite as many lesser geared members. Please understand that we may have to bring in more of the seasoned raiders in order to complete these wings. Whenever possible we will still try to bring 1-3 of the newer raiders.

(3). What can you do to be more effective in the raids? One resource I use is a gear-ranking website . If your role is DPS there are numerous websites that can help. Just to name a few: and . Another is to get into Heroics when you have time. Not only can you get decent PvE gear, but you earn badges to buy PvE gear from a vendor in Dalaran.

Please be patient with your raiding progress, as this doesn't happen overnight. Keep in mind that for the tougher encounters we may need to bring someone else. Everyone being understanding will help our Raid-Force grow and enable us to include more and more members into the rotations. Above all else, make sure you are having FUN! Thanks.

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Raiding Plans
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