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 Raiding Trial Policy

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PostSubject: Raiding Trial Policy   Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:47 pm

Ok, in an effort to organize our Raid-Force we are going to form a "Core Team" of Raiders. This will be a typical team used to learn the strategies of the raid encounters. This does not however, limit the participation to these 10 members. Our intention is to rotate out players, so that everyone gets a chance to run the Raids.

The way we'd like to do this is: We'll have 3 or 4 scheduled Raid Nights each week. The members that go on the 1st night won't neccessarily be the same on the 2nd night. We will try to immediately rotate members into Raids like Naxx and Obsidian, since we have some exposure to these already. Once we start new boss fights, or new content in general - we'd like to use the "Core Team" to learn the encounters.

Overall our goal is to include all of the Gryphon Wings in our Raid Force, so that everyone enjoys the high-level content. What we need from our members is for each person wanting to raid, to research what their class / role needs to work on to be successful in PvE. Most everyone does this already so that isn't much of an issue.

So again our goal is to include everyone, and we will start this new schedule very soon. Please post any and all suggestions / comments in this thread. Thank you.

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PostSubject: Sounds Good!   Thu Jan 22, 2009 1:46 pm

So we got a plan now lets DO IT! Gator is down for what ever role is needed at that time. He has both healing, casting, and feral DPS gear. afro Just say the word! GATOR
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Raiding Trial Policy
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