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 This is how you set a macro

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This is how you set a macro Empty
PostSubject: This is how you set a macro   This is how you set a macro I_icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 7:18 pm

First off, the conversation block at the bottom left of the screen is where you look. At the top of that is a little speech bubble, like in a comic book. Click on that and it will show you a list of things that your character can do.... Like /dance, /silly, /fart... ect...

Click on the one that says Macro, and a screen will pop up with General Macros and (Your Characters Name) Specific Macros. Find a Picture on the side that you can recognize and give it a name so that you know what it is...

Then go to the bottom where you can type in what you want to make your charater do and have fun! This is not an easy thing to figure out at first but with Hunts setup it makes good sense to do so.

When casting a set of spells or useing abilities you have to watch the cool downs on them. For instance, As Thayvian I can click my Holy $#@! Macro and I cast 3 spells at once. This is a time saver for me... the spells are as follows

/cast Arcane Power
/cast Presence of Mind
/cast Pyroblast

And then I sit back and watch for a HUGE nasty 5k+ Crit! Sometimes 6k+... the abiiltys are cast first to strengthen my spells for the next 15 seconds by 30% while costing 30% more mana and then the First spell that I cast is cast as an instant as long as it is under 10 seconds casting time to begin with. Then, last but not least, is the INSTANT Pyroblast (strongest fire spell i have)....

As Guryon I use a Mana Up Macro to save time between battles. It is written as follows...

/cast Mana Spring Totem
/use item Filtered Dreanic Water

And it can be that easy! Im sure Skarjj can list his as well to give a better idea of what he does with in-combat Rogue-nasty skills... LOL!

I hope this is helpful to anyone wondering how to set it up... Like Laymans Terms or what not.

Big Thanks to Skarjj and Hunt for helping me set these up! Woot!
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This is how you set a macro Empty
PostSubject: Re: This is how you set a macro   This is how you set a macro I_icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2008 10:12 pm

Thanks for the post Thayvian, I've been using them so long that I forget about the basics.

Another way to bring up the Macro Inteface is by typing /m or /macro in chat

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This is how you set a macro
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