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PostSubject: Mount Macro   Mount Macro I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2008 3:16 pm

When creating this macro, name it 'Dismount', and use the ? icon

This macro uses your flying mount when it can be used, and your non-flying when it cant. If you want to force it to use your non-flying mount, you can right click the macro.

Once mounted, you can left click the macro to dismount if you are not flying, or right click it to force a dismount even if you are flying.

/use [nomounted,flyable,nobutton:2] Tawny Windrider; [nomounted] Green Skeletal Warhorse
/dismount [mounted,noflying] [button:2,mounted]

When not mounted, it will show the tooltip for the default mount. Once mounted though, there is no tooltip/icon for dismount, and it will show the name of the macro when hovering over the macro (which is why I suggest naming the it 'Dismount').

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Mount Macro
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